Sunday, June 12, 2011

400 patients facing death in Gaza

Gaza ( - The Palestinian Ministry of Health renewed its warnings of escalating medicine crisis in hospitals and centers of primary care in the Gaza Strip.

The ministry stated in a statement that more than 180 medicines are completely lost, and other 200 varieties are in sharp shortage.
Administration of alo'youn Hospital in Gaza City announced that five surgeries have been postponed due to lack of medical consumables and tools they need in hospital for running rooms of surgery operations. The ministry added that medicines that Nabil Sha'ath announced had not reached Gaza yet and the crisis is now expanding to include all health facilities.
Dr. Medhat Muheisen, general director of hospitals in the Gaza Strip, stated they have got promises to receive quantities of medicine from Ramallah, whereas more than 400 kidney patients are under danger of death due to lack of their medicine.
Muheisen stressed that they launched calls at home and abroad in order to get the required varieties of medicine, especially for international and Arab institutions, including Egypt, Turkey and Qatar.